Hi All,

Quite recently as part of my work at OutSystems' Digital Team I've been re-implementing or creating new connectors that we use to integrate with several of AWS services ones for real use cases and others for proof of concepts that rely on AWS capabilities.

As we're strong believers in sharing with community we've decided to release these connectors "for free" so the community can leverage on them for their own projects.

As an architecture decision all these connectors are formed by an extension that uses AWS SDK to interact with the service and an espace wrapper that exposes the action to other modules and abstracts the connector authentication/configuration (that can be done in SiteProperties on the wrapper itself).

From an implementation standpoint all connectors implement a singleton pattern that expose the service's SDK methods. On more complex scenarios the connector accepts and returns JSON objects that are marshalled or unmarshalled in the wrapper. 

These are the connectors we've released:

Amazon SQS Connector - New version

Amazon SNS Connector - Initial Version

Amazon DynamoDB Connector - Initial Version

Amazon APIGateway Connector - Initial Version

Amazon S3 Connector - Initial Version




Hi Guilherme, thanks for sharing. It makes others’ life a little easier.

Thanks a lot.

Which one should I use to upload/integrate with Amazon Bucket?

Harlin Setiadarma wrote:

Thanks a lot.

Which one should I use to upload/integrate with Amazon Bucket?

You should use the S3 connector