Upload file and show progress loading content on progressbar

We have a screen where the user can load productdata in the database. The productdata are given in a file. The user can upload this file using the upload-widget. Then he pushes a button which handles the productdata from the file and loads these data in the database.

Now we want to show the progress of this to the user through a progressbar. However I can't get this working. So the button has three functions:
1 - get the data from the uploaded file
2 - store the data in the database
3 - show the progress on the progressbar

Functions 1 and 2 require the button to be a submit, where as function 3 requires an Ajax-Submit to Ajax-refresh the progressbar. So here is the problem.

So the question is: how can I show the progress of loading data from a file on a progressbar?


Hi Piet,

You could use an If widget to toggle between two buttons, one for 1/2 and one for 3. The only downside would be that only one can be the default button, so pressing Enter might not work to trigger it.