[UberAddress] UberAddress dependency issue

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Published on 2017-02-17 by Barduino
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Published on 2017-02-17 by Barduino

Hi, I'm getting the following  message when I go to install the UberAddress plugin: "UberAddress is not compatible with the Google Maps Mobile you have currently installed. Please upgrade Google Maps Mobile."

I only just installed Google Maps so definitely have the latest version & I can see that it was updated more recently than UberAddresss, is it possible that UberAddress needs to be updated? Or am I missing something? 


Hi Michael,

That means that the Google Maps Mobile version used in the UbberAddress is not the same as the one you have. Since you have the latest version of the Google Mobile Apps you should not have any problem.

Just force the install. Then, when the application finishes installing, open the Manage Dependencies and Refresh All. And everything should be green.




Thanks Jose, got it working now.