Independent Modules - Best Practice


I would like to know what best practices you suggest to use regarding Independent Modules.

Could you share your toughts about keeping an eSpace in Independent Modules, versus creating a new Application. Do you use it as a placeholder for one or more eSpace(s), are those eSpaces to be used in one or more applications? 

And also, what are the limitations you have experienced when pushing the eSpaces among the different stages/environments, among other topics you find interesting to point. 

Thanks for sharing!

Hi Marco,

I don't think you should keep anything in Independent Modules. If you frequently have modules that don't belong anywhere, you could think of creating a "Miscellaneous" app or the like, but at least you have to give a thought on where to put things.

If a module is used by other modules, there's even more reasons to put it in an App, e.g. a "core modules" app or the like.