In the attached oml,  I've a web block to add or edit a contract. In the pop up, when a user enters a contract sections, a section number is allocated which is a sequentially generated.

Now,when a user deletes a particular section, the section number are re-arranged so that they are in a sequence. This is working fine.

My problem is, when have ajax refresh on a container or the editable table, it refreshes the data however after a small delay, an internal error message is displayed.

i want the users to see the changes happened in the database, however because of this error the data base action are terminated.

Please advise.

Sunil Babar

Hi Sunil,

The "internal error" message is displayed if you do not catch the error with an Exception Handler. In Service Center you can see the actual error that happened, and where it happened (via the error stack). Did you do so? If not, please check what the actual error is, since it will be much easier to track down the cause of the error.