Chat online status update at run time

Hi Mates, 

I'm thinking of a way to show the online status and last seen when offline in a chat app, I'm using the In-App-Chat module. any ideas will be very helpful or if their is a ready module will be much better.. 

Best Regards,
Mohamed AlMokadem

Hi Mohamed,

Have you thought of having an Local Entity like UserData? Maybe using an variable of LastUpdated to that UserData enity, using DataSync and OfflineDataSync so you can have a value to that device when he was last online. 

Remember to assing on OfflineDataSyncConfiguration SyncOnLogin, SyncOnOnline and SyncOnResume.

You can always call the TriggerOfflineDataSync on importante action so you can maintain the LastUpdated value closest to the real online value.

Best Regards,

Hugo Duarte