How to drag n drop files on outsystems file upload control.

hi i m using outsystems file upload control. i want to drag n drop files on it. is it possible . i dont want use any external forge widget for this.

Your help will be appreciable.

thanks in advance.


You can always open the Forge components that implement this and implement something similar.

But I don't see why don't you use them already.


Hi Bharat,

You need to use Multifile upload control if you want to drag drop file to upload.



Hi Bharat,

To answer your question directly: no, it is not possible to drag & drop files onto the standard Upload widget, as this is not so much an OutSystems widget as it is a browser widget that OS uses. If you do not want to use a Forge component for uploading, you're stuck: there's no way to use drag & drop without one (or, what Eduardo already said, copy/paste their implementation).