[Test Framework] HOWTO Video for Ghostinspector plugin

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Published on 2019-10-25 by Davide Periquito
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Published on 2019-10-25 by Davide Periquito

Is there a instruction/demo video for testing with Ghostinspector? If it is not there yet, I would really like it to become available.


Hello Matthias,

We are compatible with any test defined with ghost inspector framework. 

Check the nice introductory videos they have in their website, its really easy to get started with it.

Please let us know if you need further help.

Thank you,


Their videos are good what I would like is some documentation on how we like it with the test framework.

Hello David,

Thanks for reaching out. We will work on an update of the Test Framework introductory video to include a quick demo of the Ghost Inspector integration.

We will post it here shortly.



Have you managed to do any tutorial, or documentation to deal with the integration between the Test Framework and Ghost Inspector?
I appreciate any help!

Thanks and best regards.

Hi Delon,

There isn't any tutorial to configure the plugin.

But to configure the Ghost Inspector in the TestFramework you have to have the api key from an account in Ghost inspector. The key is in the account details under the section "API Access" copy that.

Steps to configure the Plugin (In service center):

  • Go to the module "GhostInspector_Plugin";
  • Set the site property "Key" with the value copied from the API Access;
  • Go the module "TestFramework";
  • Set the url of "GhostInspectorAPI" under the Consumed REST APIs  in the intergation tab with url for the "GhostInspector_Plugin" like https://ServerName/GhostInspector_Plugin/rest/GhostInspectorAPI

At this point the configuration is done. 

To import the tests go to the TestFramework and click in Configure. Look for "Import Test From Ghost Inspector" and import the test. The import process is run asynchronously so it can take a while to comple the process.
If all went ok and there was test suites in the ghost inspector you can see then listed in the Define screen.

I hope this was helpfull if you need more help just drop me a message or a comment.
Best regards,