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Published on 2017-09-14 by Tiago Bernardo
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Published on 2017-09-14 by Tiago Bernardo

Hi All ,

Is this Extension implement the Below code for HMAC512 algorithm  


public static string SignString512(string stringToSign, string secretKey)


            byte[] secretkeyBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(secretKey);

            byte[] inputBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(stringToSign);

            using (var hmac = new HMACSHA512(secretkeyBytes))


                byte[] hashValue = hmac.ComputeHash(inputBytes);

                return System.Convert.ToBase64String(hashValue);



Hello Ahmed,

Not sure I understood the question...
Are you asking what is the hash algorithm that is implemented in the extension?

While Tiago can answer you for sure, what's the problem in installing the the extension, open it and check it yourself? :)


Hi all!

This simple application has just a simple user interface that allows you to generate the 'Salted MD5 Hash' and 'Salted SHA512 Hash' passwords from the 'Plain Text' password. I used it when I needed to generate the hashed passwords for a specific platform instance (because it uses for the salt the license key of the platform instance).

By itself it does not implement the hashing algorithms; it uses actions from the system extension "PlatformPasswordUtils" of the OutSystems Platform.

Since it is a system extension, we do not have access to the implementation, but looking into the extension we can see some code and descriptions, in particular for the method "GeneratePasswordHashWithAlgorithm" (that is used in the implementation of the method "MssGenerateSaltedMD5Hash"):

// Summary:
//     Creates a salted password hash using a strong one-way hashing algorithm.

/// <summary>
/// </summary>
        /// <param name="ssPlainTextPassword"></param>
        /// <param name="ssSaltedMD5HashPassword"></param>
public void MssGenerateSaltedMD5Hash(string ssPlainTextPassword, out string ssSaltedMD5HashPassword) {
            ssSaltedMD5HashPassword = RuntimePlatformUtils.Hashing.GeneratePasswordHashWithAlgorithm(ssPlainTextPassword,

} // MssGenerateSaltedMD5Hash