Can´t access to error on certificate

João Inácio wrote:

Can't access to this url

any alternative?

if you are using Crome browser then just click on ADVANCED Link on webs page and click continue.  

Hi João,

Thanks for reporting. I've passed it on to OutSystems.

is a valid outsystems site???

Btw the redirects to which gives the certificate invalid error.

Abílio Matos

Hi Abilio and João, and are not available anymore and will be closed. 

Can you please tell me why you'd like to access to it?


Ana Sequeira

Hi Ana,

Here can I check this information? Since it is closed?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi João,

Just replace with


I was just adding to João's post that the redirects to the and give certificate error, also.

Abílio Matos