Assign multiple users on a single human activity

Hi. It's been months since i developed applications with outsystems,  Please help me with this one.

 how to assign a single human activity to multiple users. I've tried using the "ActivitySetGroup" with "HumanActivity_AssignToUser" but it's not working, it only sends to one user. 

any suggestion will be appreciated. 

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Hi Mimencio,

All Human Activies, by default, in a process can be done:

- By all end-users, if no configuration is done in the Human Activity properties (User property);
- By a specific user (when configured in the User property);
- By a specific group(s) of users with certain roles (pick the roles that have grants to carry out the Human Activity in the roles property).

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Hello Mimencio,

João already showed you how to do it.

If you want to allow multiple users to be able do an activity, chose one or more roles and all users with one of those roles will be able to pick the activity.

If you need to allow SPECIFIC users, create a specific role that only those users will have and use this one instead.


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Hi Mimencio,

Besides the options suggested by João and Eduardo, You can also assign an activity to a specific group of users using the ActivitySetGroup systems action. Please check the BPT - Assign activity to multiple users without using Role thread.

You just have to decide the best way to group your users in terms of activity execution.



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"I'm planning to assign a single human_activity task to multiple users without roles and if one of them completes the task, it will move on to the another task. is it possible to assign those task using 'for each' and using BPT API's HumanActivity_AssignToUser? "

I thing that the ClosedBy property of an activity is enough for what you want. Just use it in the following activity.

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Hi Tiago

I am wondering if the HumanActivity2 will remain assigned to the user who closed the HumanActivity1 even if a new user having the HumanActivty1. 

It would be nice if you can explain a little more about this.

Many Thanks 


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Hi Ashish,

In a particular instance of a process, once the HumanActivty1 is closed, it will stay closed forever. Other instances of the same process may have different users handling HumanActivty1, but that won't affect other instances.

If this still doesn't make it clear, please start another thread,