Forgive me if i am about to ask a stupid question, but i am new to the Outsystems platform.  How can i create an insert only screen within my application module?  I have a need to only allow inserts to a table from the application screen.  I cannot find any examples on how to do this, maybe i am just missing them if they exist...any help is appreciated



Welcome to the OutSystems community.

I suggest you take a look at the Learning resources to grasp the basic concepts.

Hello Stacy,

Besides doing the online training if you still didn't, you can guarantee that your detail screen is allows only INSERT changing the CreateOrUpdate entity action by a Create entity action.

The Create entity action will always create a new record.

You can also remove the input parameter the EntityId, and replace the aggregate as the source of the form as a local variable of type <your entity>

Hope this helps.