Your First Quarter 2018 - Ideas Are a Wrap

Hi Community,

Customer feedback deserves love. So in the first quarter of the year, we launched a new experience for the ideas area. Great customer engagement and gold nuggets now head to engineering.

                                     17 teams collaborated to organize 2700 ideas.

Each quarter, we will be sharing our Ideas Board and letting you know about what we’ve updated in the past quarter.


Let's look at what you did in Q1


Properties Pane: change properties for selected widgets


I'm happy to announce that, as of version 10.0.807.0 of Service Studio (now in RC), it is possible to change the properties of several objects in bulk.

This idea, in particular, had more than 126 likes and more than 531 views, and we have just finished launching it.

Select part of an action flow and "Refactor to action"


I'm happy to announce that a new Extract to Action command was introduced in version It will allow you to extract and reuse complicated logic that you created in a different place. Just select the piece of logic and click! Your action is now reusable :)

This idea, in particular, had more 59 likes and more than 330 views, and we have just finished launching it.

Here’s the list of all the ideas we implemented in Q1 (by category)

Service Studio

  • Open multiple eSpaces in one click

  • [Service Studio] Keyboard shortcut for Add\Remove References

  • Download Application inside Service Studio

  • ServiceStudio Hide/Show Message Pane triangle keyboard shortcut

  • CTRL+D to delete extended properties

  • Service studio support for left-handed keyboard shortcuts

  • [Assign Widget] Have the respective Null*() option in the possible values list in the Value field

  • Find usage in all espaces - shortcut Key

  • More ServiceStudio shortcuts

  • More Shortcuts for Data operations

  • [ServiceStudio] Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts

  • Keyboard Shortcut to access Expression Editor directly

  • Static Entity: Shortcut to add Record

  • Left Click and "Rename" or Shortcut to Rename


  • [IDEAS] Search field

  • Search for idea

  • [Wisdom of the Crowds] Ideas categorization

  • Remove OLD ideas from the ideas list…

  • [WoC] Add a filter to show only ideas that are not yet liked / disliked / ignored by you

  • Add filters to the list of Ideas…

  • Improvements for the Idea area of the Community

  • Ideas -  Add a link to the Idea in the email notification

  • Outsystems feedback to Community Ideas

  • Ideas organization

  • [Ideas] Display suggested/similar ideas

  • See just Done Ideas

  • Delete your comments within an idea discussion

  • Make it easy to find My Ideas

  • Edit option for Idea's reply

  • Allow seeing all ideas posted by user from his profile page

  • Email notification of ideas reply/comments

  • Remove "Done" ideas from  most liked ideas

  • Idea's list page should have proper last updated status for each Idea

  • [Wisdom of the Crowds] Rendering submitted post dynamically on the dashboard

  • [Wisdom of the Crowds] - Notifications by email

  • Idea's comment notification


  • LifeTime: Add Filter "Show Only New Versions"

  • Lifetime should show correct database size information

  • Search filter in lifetime

  • Search Functionality in Lifetime - Application tab

  • Lifetime: After I validate apps, Do Nothing applications should not be visible



  • Properties Pane: change properties for selected widgets


  • Select part of an action flow and "Refactor to action"


  • Automatically set Comment as reminder by prefix

Aggregates & Queries

  • Use Ctrl+D to delete input parameter(s) on Advanced SQL queries


  • Document shortcuts


  • Community search


  • IBM Lotus Notes vs OutSystems


  • Native apps crash errors logging


There were a bunch of ideas submitted in Q1 that we are currently working on. No time for a “wait and see” attitude here!

  • Make the network more social

  • More control of what gets released on the Forge.

  • Idea notification - don't email me when I reply

  • Chat with other users of the community

  • Remove Unanswered Very Old Discussion From Community

  • Link in the community that points to stuff other than posts

  • Merged ideas…

  • Outsystems Community - User Profile - User Ideas

  • Reply a private message

  • Community Forums Navigation

  • Show number of times your answer has been the solution in Community Profile

  • Notify me option should be enabled automatically

  • Bug on Profile Paging

  • Add a "return to list" option when searching for something

  • Provide better option to see all community users


Sorry, but we had to say “goodbye” to the following ideas:

  • Add a report button to the forums

  • [Wisdom] Add a DisLike to an idea

  • [Outsystems Java stack: Catchup to .NET stack] - add missing feature "Automatic upgrade"support 

  • [Wisdom of the Crowds] Add "Ideas of the day" to the dashboard

  • Inform the submitter of an issue that it's implemented

  • Know when a bug will be solved: product backlog with issues and version in which it might be Fixed

  • Bring the Java version to the community edition

  • Who liked the Post

  • [Community] Add "Report as duplicate" feature to Ideas

  • Swap two actions in a flow

  • Idea: We can design a mobile app for our community forums

  • Static Entities should not be count Application Objects

  • Mark Forum Posts for future reference

  • Agile Platform Server for .NET running on Linux (Mono)

  • Use maven to build the detached code

  • Rate ideas

  • Web Player /MP3 Player

  • Forum - delete your post when no-one replied yet

  • Allow replies to posts to be editable

  • Community Forum List Pagination

  • Expand OutSystems Now with new Plugins

  • Network - Forums

  • Forum post must have multiple "mark as Solution" option

  • A mandatory flag in the forum discussion. (Web, Mobile)

What's your big idea? 


If you've got an idea for OutSystems, please let us know. Thanks, everyone!

Awesome work!! Keep it up!

Justin Babel wrote:

Awesome work!! Keep it up!

Thank you Justin!


Good job on this new Idea! 

I you like to suggest to add the date/time of last comment on Ideas (any of the tabs) so people know there are new comments.

Abílio Matos

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