Hey guys, cannot decide how to link this in OutSystems.


- Generic Employee Columns


- EmployeeId

- DepartmentsId

- Red

- White


- Assembly

- Weld

- And so on


 I want to see all the people assigned to this department that operate on white shift. At the same time linking employees to their departments and shifts. Did I link this correctly to be able to search employees by their shifts and departments? 


Can an Employee be on more than one shift or in More than one department?

If not, then DepartmentId and ShiftId could be stored in the Employee Entity, and then create a shift table that has possible Shifts. This would also help if you added shifts.


Okay, so it's possible for Coordinators to be part of more than one department but that's maybe 5 guys. The other 400 people on the work floor will belong to only one shift and one department. Should I make an employee table only for people that can be on more than one department? Would that be easier?

Instead of having a specific different table for that situation, I would instead create a EmployeeDepartment table made up of entities with 

  • Id
  • EmployeeId
  • DepartmentId

This would then be used to link people to the department they are in. This will prevent you from having to create two different flows.