List of Attachments/Files Issue

Hi Community,

I have a form page with a list of downloadable attachments. I'm calling the Attachments aggregate to be used for the list to be displayed and add a screen action on the item row so when they click it, they can download the attachment.

The thing is, if the users would put a lot of attachments in a form, it takes a while  to load the page once they view the created form. Example, they upload 10 attachments with 1mb data size each so that will be 10mb in total. The page loads so slow, it takes a minute or two to fully load the page. Is there a way to optimize this?


Kind regards,



Hello Louise,

I would NOT load the attachments in the preparation.
Only put a link to download, with the ID, and than in the action fetch the file from database with an aggregate and download the file.

The User Experience will be much better.