BPT parallel activities - Cant get two parallel activities in open state at same time


As a beginner to Outsysytems and Web Development,  I am trying to understand the BPT functions.  I have already setup a process flow.  I have designed the  linear human activities open and close as expected.  However having issues with parallel human activities are setup following a series of linear human activities. As per BPT Parrallel activities guidance on the forum i can see it mentions setting a new process within process for dealing with parallel activities.  I have now also done this.

However I cannot get BPT to generate two ready/open human activities.  Is there any guidance on how this can my initialised or configured in detailed steps?



Could you show us how are you implementing your BPT?


Hope this helps,

-After each Human Activity - Use BPT System Action CloseAssignCase.   

-To move activity from Ready to Open state across the process - Use Action OnActivityReady to commit transaction and move to Open State. This is specific to each process tree

-To view all activities I simply use the system tables showing Open/ready/Close State.