I am in need of some help developing a product.  I have sold one of my patents and I have sold the idea and concept of another product already and I am flying to New York to give a presentation at the end of June.  The problem is I don't even have the product.

I have a double degree in computers, however, I have not done any development in quite some time and the learning curve for outsystems is time I just don't have.

I know precisely what I need done.  I can provide drawings of each and every function, flow charts, etc.  I'm extremely clear & effective at conveying exactly what I want and what the function needs to be.

I am looking for someone who is looking for something big, something bigger than themselves and someone who is looking to make residual income not a one up job.  There is no money upfront.  I am looking for someone who will put their sweat equity into the project and in return will earn a royalty for each device.  This will be a long term relationship.

Please let me know if you may have an interest.  If so, let's talk.

My contact information is below:



Hi Steve, I sent you an email on the email address above.