An easy way to configure IIS home directory to redirect to a specific eSpace

An easy way to configure IIS home directory to redirect to a specific eSpace

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Sometimes you want people that go to http://yourserver/ to be redirected to http://yourserver/CustomEspace. There are several ways to achieve this, here's a simple one:
  1. On the server go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services
  2. Right-click Web Sites>Default Web Site and choose Properties
  3. On the Home Directory tab choose "A redirection to a URL"
  4. Redirect to "/YourEspaceName"
  5. Check "A directory bellow this one"
  6. Check "A permanent redirection for this resource"

See the attached screenshot for an example.
Another way to achieve the same without having to set the IIS configuration can be done directly in a html page.
In the header put this code:
So assuming you have an index.htm on the landing page of your site and you have a subfolder MyApp with there a page default.aspx you then set in the header

The setting after the CONTENT is the number of seconds it will take to get redirected.
Hi guys,

The suggestion of the first post is for IIS6. Any idea how the configuration above can be done on IIS7? I tried to follow Microsoft's HTTP Redirection in IIS7 instructions but it seems its use cases are not the same as this post's.

boudewijn, thank you for your suggestion. It did the trick, although I'd prefer doing it in IIS fashion. Any idea how?