How to update the Session Timeout in OutSystems Platform version 4.1

The session timeout in OutSystems Platform 4.1 is defined in the .NET platform and has a default value of 20 minutes. In order to change this 20 minutes value within OutSystems Platform one has to issue the following procedure:
  • Access Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  • Go to Web Sites --> Default Web Sites --> (Right click + properties).
  • Select ASP.NET tab.
  • In the “ASP.NET version” field select 2.0.50727 then click Apply.
  • The “Edit Golbal Configuration…” button become available, so press it.
  • The "ASP.NET configuration Settings" box will pop up, select “State Management" tab.
  • To change the current session timeout update the value placed in the “Session timeout (minuts):” field. Leave the remaining fields with their default values, then press the OK button.

Hi all

Although the above procedure is valid for Agile Platform 4.1+, it's only for the Windows 2003 Server.

For Windows 2008 Server R2, you can check the session timeout configuration value on IIS 7, following the below procedure:

To check the session timeout on IIS 7, one must: 
  1. Access the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Expand the left tree items until reach Sites\Default Web Site. Select the Default Web Site item
  3. On the center pane, scroll down to the Management section, and double-click the Configuration Editor
  4. On the Section listbox, select system.web/sessionstate item
  5. A list of properties will appear, and the session timeout is defined by the timeout property.
This value by default is 00:20:00 (20 minutes), and it’s the one used by the Agile Platform applications. 

To change it just edit it's value, it will turn into bold text after losing focus, and then press the Apply link at the right pane. A message saying "The changes have been successfully saved" will appear.


Miguel Simões João

Hello All,

Is there any way to terminate session automatically when user is idle for five minutes?

Can we configure this from the application?

Number of users of my application will increase day by day and I cannot explain this IIS setting to everyone.

So ideally I want that if my user doesn't make any action for five minutes, application must ask him/her to login again.

In DotNet we use "session.invalidate()" function to terminate the session when user doesn't perform any operation. So is there any way in OutSystems to automatically terminate the session?

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade