Is there a way to hide/remove certain log messages from ServiceCenter logs?

Specifically, we want to hide the "X role required" errors whenever a user tries to access a page when they are either logged out, session-timed out, or actually accessing a restricted page.

I found this page:

but it only gives an example of increasing log-level and outputting to a logfile.

First of all why do you want to?

In any case, those logs can be accessed via the systsem entities, so you could create your own screen for your specific use-case

Invalid permissions are already being handled by the application, by redirecting the user to login (if they're not), or to an error page. They are pretty harmless and there is not much use for them to be logged. Admins use service center logs to try to diagnose issues, but the "X role required" messages end up occupying multiple pages of logs, and make it more difficult to find real problems.\

Yes, those logs can be accessed from system entities. But that would require development and maintenance of a separate Log Viewer application.