Hi, i have a page where user need to scroll up and down.

I am thinking to have an anchor link in the page.Does anyone has idea how to do this?

I have try with SectionIndex, however it is not what i want.

Can someone help on this?

Can you be more specific. If I'm right, you want an anchor link to a particular selection of your screen?

Hi D.,

Yes.i want to have anchor link "TOP" and "BOTTOM" which will direct to the top and bottom of the page when click.

Hi Johnson.

Check this application https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/357/essentials/

#1. AnchorLink  : Quickly add anchor links to a screen

Or https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/799/back-to-top/

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the sahring for back to top.Do you have any sample on goto bottom?

Consider taking a look at how to do it with html tags directly. It's pretty easy.


Hi Joao,

This is exactly i want to do..I am still very new to Outsystems.

Can you teach me how to put that html code in Outsystems?


Hi Johnson,

Here is an example on how to do it in OutSystems (using links). You can also do this using expressions with Escape Content set to NO and than typing HTML there.

But in this case, this will have an unexpected behaviour of putting the element of the TOP bellow the header, as the header is not part of the flow.

You have to take this into consideration when chosing wich element to go to.

Hope this can help you.



Hi Eduardo,

Thanks very much for the sample code !!!

is it possible to put a link with an anchor between different web blocks?


Hello Josep

This is a very old post already solved. Consider start a new Post with your question. You can get better results!