AgencyId (Not Showing in Drop Down Menu)

Hey guys, I am creating an Add Employee Page using SilkUI (Dublin). However, I have Agencies listed in another Entitiy and I just typed AgencyId into the Emp Table to link the Agency table with the Employee table.

It automatically created a drop down box for Agency. However, when I click the drop down Box it doesnt show any agency just a - . 

So if am creating and employee add page and I have the AgencyId placed in the Emp Entitiy, how do i get it so someone can add someone to that agency through the drop down box? 

Should I add the Agency entity as a Source to the Preparation GetEmpById on the AddEmployee webscreen? 

I need Agency Entity to store the Member in its Table so I can add a search later for employees employed by that agency and I need that Agency assigned to that Member in the Primary Member Display.


Figured the issue out. I needed to create Static Entities and point to the Label of that static entity before it would show up in the drop list.