[Clipboard.js] How to get it functioning
Forge component by Remco Dekkinga
Published on 19 Jun 2019

Remco hi,

I am trying to get the widget to work, see picture.I have the webblock pointing to a widget (the expression above it). The TransactionGroup button has an empty action. When I click the button, the content of the expression does not get copied to the clipboard, even if I change the button to a picture. The clipboard basically stays the same.

My goal is to somewhat recreate the expression builder capabilities for example when you edit the filter in an aggregate, so if a button is pushed, some text is copied to the clipboard that i can later paste in an input widget. The paste is manual then.

Your help is welcome.




I just ran a couple of tests and the Clipboard.js seems to be working fine when using an image as the trigger. Have you tried doing just a simple new form with a static expression just to isolate if it is working at all. Maybe if you could upload a simple espace with the issue we could have a look. Also is you browser reporting any javascript errors in the console (Press F12) ? 

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Just came back to this thread, because I saw a new remark (which was deleted afterwards). I marked the answer from John as solution. The item works with images and icons, because there is already an link-tag implemented. A button surrounded with a link-tag won't work that well.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga