Upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to 2005

Upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to 2005


We are currently using OutSystems Platform 4.0 with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. We are looking to upgrade our SQL Server to 2005, and I was wondering what, if any, compatibility issues this could cause with our current installation.

I'm fairly new to all this database stuff (I'm only an intern) but we don't seem to have a particularly large or complex database for this specific application so I can't see any major issues on the database side. But is it as simple as pointing our application to the new SQL 2005 server and it'll see it fine or are there any known issues with it?
Hi Robert

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 server is fully support by the OutSystems Agile Platform 4.0, or above. However, after upgrading your SQL Server, you might also want to change the database compatibility level from 80 (SQL Server 2000) to 90 (SQL Server 2005 mode).

If you leave it in compatibility level 80, the SQL Server will access that database as if it was an SQL Server 2000, ensuring no changes to its behavior.

If you change to compatibility level 90, the SQL Server will use the latest optimized SQL Server 2005 database engine, with improved performance and availability. However, that are a few behavioral changes, and deprecated syntax which you might take into account. Although its rarely used, you might want to check if your applications advanced queries won't break because of them.

I would like to suggest the forum topic Tip: Use of *= and =* are not supported in SQL 2005 compatibility 90 databases, where it names a few of these deprecated syntax elements, and provides Microsoft references for the differences between both compatibility level modes.

I hope this information is useful.


Miguel João