Show/Hide tab in Tabs_ClientSide according to selected value in combobox


I have a combo box which contains below  value: Create,Update, Block,UnBlock.

I need to show the tab according to the selected value.For example: Create tab is shown when Create value is selected and Update tab is shown when Update value is selected.

My problems is that: i am not able to hide show the tab according to the selected value.

Below is how i do the things:

1.Have a on change action for the combo box

2.Set the display property to a variable

3.Inside the selected value change action for the combo box

Can someone advise if i miss out any steps?



Try to refresh the entire Tabs_Wrapper instead of each Tab, and tell us if you see any change.

Even though, depending on the content in the other tabs, it might not be a good solution performance wise.

Alternatively you can have one only Tab, instead of 4, and refresh only its content and its title on you OnChange logic.


Hi Joao, it is still not working.

But your suggestion on haivng all in 1 tab is a good solution to my problems.

Thansk very much!!!