Hey guys. Quick question

Instead of displaying all the employee information in a Tabular view, I was thinking about just displaying an employees Full Name and Date of BIrth and making it clickable and having an employee detail screen with the employees more detailed information. 

My current table is setup like this 

FirstName, MiddleInitial, LastName, AodNum, PayClass, HireDate

However, if I want to show an employee's full name to be clickable but still have the search functionality of FirstName, MiddleInitial, Lastname, should i have a seperate column as follow?

FullName, FirstName, MiddileInitial,LastName,AodNum,PayClass,HireDate? Would that better serve my purpose? So they can just click that employee's full name and go to that employee's detail screen?

Or should I just make their first name clickable?


Hi Jared,

You can add or remove columns from a Table or TableRecords as you want, it is just a way to show your data that exists in the database. So yes, you can have one column with 'FirstName + MiddleName + LastName' (with a link to a detail page) and still search for the 'AodNum' for instance.