[Advanced Excel] Worksheet position out of range.
Forge component by Carlos Freitas

I'm trying to upload simple xls file but its throughs 'Worksheet position out of range.'

I attached a file as well

I used Sumit on button click (not Ajax submit) sometimes its working, sometimes its not :(



Hi Ritesh ,

Can you please explain me what exactly you are trying to achieve , i want to understand whether its an uploading issue or something related to advance excel component.

If possible you can upload your oml as well.



This issue has been encountered a few times since, so I am updating this thread with the root cause analysis / solution to benefit anyone that may end up on this thread - 

Issue: User encounters "Worksheet position out of range" error when processing an Excel file with a '.xls' extension. 

Cause: The Advanced Excel component is designed to work with only '.xlsx' file types. This is confirmed by the details available on the forge component page outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/355/advanced-excel.

The component uses EPPlus and reviewing https://epplus.codeplex.com confirms the following:

Solution/ workaround: At this point, to continue using this component switch over from using '.xls' files to using Excel files with an '.xlsx' file extension.

- AJ


Would perhaps be a good option to check whether the file is an .xlsx instead of a .xls before trying to process it (inside the extension), and give a clear error message.

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