How do we make a Kiosk Type of App

Hello! Would like to ask if you have deployed a Kiosk Type of App on a mobile device like iPad or Android tablet. We have this requirement to prohibit the user from accessing any other Apps from the tablet aside from the Apps that we deploy to the tablet. How can we make this setup possible? Thanks in advance for the response.



Hello Raymond.

You need, probably, a plugin to do it. I don't know if there is something already in forge. If you don't find anything, you can create your own plugin using this, probably:



Hi Raymond,

The plugin Eduardo mentioned is one of several you can find on the cordova website to support "kiosk" mode in Android.

On iOS there is no equivalent, "kiosk" mode is achieved using features of the operating system itself. A quick search returned this recent post on how to set up a device in "kiosk" mode, on all major platforms.


Thank you Eduardo and Jorge for the immediate response.