Is there a quick method for setting the default value for a Combo Box? 

I am simply selecting employees stage of training (Pre-Screen, Off Line, On Line) and that's it, but I want it to show Pre Screen as the default value on an Add Employee form.


Hi Jared Davis,

Set the default values in variable you bind with your combo box or assign the values to your variable on preparation.




Hi Jared,

The combo box list reflects the order of the Source Record List.

The default value of the combo box reflects the initial value of the destination Variable. If the destination variable is null, the combo box selects the first record in the list.


Vijay Malviya

I think the easiest route is going back and simply changing the "Order" of the records in your Entities area, and just set your default value you want to show up first to 1 for this situation.

Thanks for the help guys.