[Wish]_Comment my 1CP

[Wish]_Comment my 1CP

Did you ever had the thought "now, what was that all about??" when looking at a dozen consecutive publishes of a given eSpace from last week, where something went wrong?

Well, I did!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to specify a comment for a 1CP and keep track of those wild changes. It could even be accompanied by a platform generated sentence like "changes to MainFlow\Homepage preparation action".

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Although, to avoid to much info cluttering, I think the platform generated sentence should be separatedly and optionally shown from the developer comment.
I also find that extremely useful.

The platform generated sentence might be useful, but it's not so important.
I would also add a timestamp (either local machine time, or hubserver configured time) be added to the system messages when performing 1cp type activities. For example:

26-Mar-07 14:55:02 Compiling e-space at
26-Mar-07 14:57:33 Deploying e-space at

(Note that I think I used a date/time format which would be acceptable and not confusing to the developer community as a whole [with reference to US and European date formats]. Of course server settings could control this as well.)

I know more than once I have finished some code, hit 1CP, gotten up from desk or taken a phone call, gone to kitchen for a drink or something, came back a minute or so later and said. Did I compile before that call, or did I just think I did, and the previous results from the last 1cp are shown on screen? Usually I just go ahead and re 1cp and realize I didn't need to one it says that their is no need to upload again as the version is the same.

Actually speaking of this, if the version is the same could there be a way to ask if you want to continue Y/N? After all I'd probably just say No at that point.

Hi Ken,

To see the last time you have uploaded and published an eSpace you can either use the "Download from server" window in Service Studio or you can see it in Service Center (either recent activity in the homepage or in the eSpace details page).

Either way your suggestions are very good and we'll look into that when implementing comments in 1CP.

Tiago Simões
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