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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins
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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins

We are using the IDP connector to authenticate our users against Azure Active Directory.  However the standard session timeout value causes the our apps to re authenticate every 20 mins which causes our users issues

When using the standard OS login functionality the user can tick a 'remember me'  box which means
when a session timeout happens, the platform checks this setting and re-activates the user session without the need to authenticate again.  I believe this is done by  the platform writing in the cookie of the browser that the user should be active even if the session timeout occurs. 

I would like to replicate this behaviour using the IDP connector.  Can anyone suggest how?




Hi Liz,

If you want that custom behavior, go to the Preparation of IdP screen (Auth flow). There you can find an action call as "Login". Set the Persistence input parameter to True.