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Published on 2018-03-06 by Pedro Marques
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Published on 2018-03-06 by Pedro Marques

A sample would really help with using this, as well as what should be used for each parameter. For example. if i am serializing a recordlist and sending that data, what do i put in the URI?


Hi Stacey,

If you look on the github site of the plugin you will see examples of what you can share.

If you don't want to share an link or file, you can set the URI to an empty string ("") 


You can share text, a subject (in case the user selects the email application), (any type and location of) file (like an image), and a link. However, what exactly gets shared, depends on the application the user chooses to complete the action. A few examples:

  • Mail: message, subject, file.
  • Twitter: message, image (other filetypes are not supported), link (which is automatically shortened if the Twitter client deems it necessary).
  • Google+ / Hangouts (Android only): message, subject, link
  • Flickr: message, image (an image is required for this option to show up).
  • Facebook Android: sharing a message is not possible. You can share either a link or an image (not both), but a description can not be prefilled. 




Hi guys,

How do I integrate it with a mobile application?