I created WEB application that will consumes web service (SOAP).

So I need the WSDL path, but my user only gives me the the xml file.

I try to use it by uploading the xml file in DATA tab / RESOURCE folder, then I used the path when consuming the web service.

I think its work fine.

But my questions are:

1. Is it good way, when consuming web service using xml file by embeding it in the DATA tab / RESOURCE folder ?

2. How to change the BASE URL / ip address (PROD and DEV must be different ip address)?

(Maybe any method like "OnBeforeRequest" when I use REST web service)


HI Eddy,

I'm really not sure what you mean. Service Studio needs the path to the WSDL design time, not run time afaik, to be able to create the right structures etc. WSDL files may include XSD files, and you can create a SOAP consume from those files. I'm really not sure what you did?

As for your 2nd question, you can change the URLs in Service Center, on the Integration tab of an eSpace.

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply.

The condition is, the service provider does not provide the WSDL path, but only give me the xml physical files only.

So, when I will consume the SOAP service, I do not know what to fill with what URL.

So I tried this way,

I uploaded it in the DATA tab / RESOURCE folder, in hopes I can use its path to be used when Outsystem asks for its WSDL path

so I can use it, when Outsystems asks for its WSDL path

is it a good way to consume WS when I do not have WSDL path?

Or WSDL path is a must to be provided by the service provider?

I hope this question more clear



Hi Eddy,

You can point to a local WSDL file, just prefix the url with "file://".



You are confusing a few things. To consume a SOAP service, you need to point to the right files at design time, so in Service Studio. Resource on the data tab are used run time, so when the program is running. Assuming you have the files of the actual WSDL, and they are correctly named (with a .wsdl extension), you can consume it by pointing to the files (like Henrique said).


Is that needed? I recall just using c:\... but I might recall wrong.

Hi Kilian and Henrique,

Thanks for the reply,
I will try your suggestion, I need to coordinate first with infra team to put the xml(WSDL) file.




@Kilian, I honestly never tried without the "file://" prefix so I don't know if it works..

@Eddy, you don't need to put it on the server, is development time on your local machine/pc, not local at the server..



@Henrique: just did a test, and it seems to work fine :).


Hi Kilian and Henrique,

I put the .xml on my local computer, and I access it like accessing a normal windows file (eg "d: \ mywsdlfile.xml").

Terima kasih banyak..

Best Regards


Hi Eddy,

Good to see it works! Happy coding.