How to add a Space while concatenating 2 columns

Dear Friends,

We have a calculated attribute in an entity. We are concatenating 2 text attributes and generating a new one. This new attribute acts as a source list for a combo box. 

The issue is we need 3 spaces between the values but i am only seeing one. I tried using Nested Concat, oldfashioned +" "+, but still no luck. 

Any help will be appreciated.


do you know you are working with html?

therefor, unless specified, spaces are always spaced as one, no matter how many spaces you got.

if you use the pre-tag, you will get those spaces.

if you use   you will get a space, do that 3 times, you really get 3 spaces.


Alternatively to the solutions already described, you could use EncodeHtml().

This build-In function returns a string with all the reserved characters translated (encoded).