How to insert records to a data ware house table already existing in the database.

I am already inserting data to outsystem table but as per my requirement i also need to insert the same records to a temp table which is created outside outsystems?

How do i insert the record to the EmpTemp table is the question? I have already inserted data to the outsystem generated table i.e Employee.

Awaiting for your quick response. Thanks for the help in advance.

Eduardo Jauch wrote:


You need to import the external table.


Hi Eduardo,

It has to happen in the same database. I have a table manually created naming EmpTemp.

As far as I know, it doesn't matter.

OutSystems platform doesn't know about it.
You will have to import like if it was an external database.

The only thing is that you will use the main connection, instead of creating a new one, probably.