[OneSignal Plugin] Why there is no "headings" in the request?
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Updating to latest version of the plugin I was hoping to see "headings" added to the post notification request but it is still missing. It is easy to add manually but each time I lose possibility for seamless update. 

Also there is some problem with iOS while receiving notification within the app that sometimes instead of system notification I'm getting alert. Reinstalling application solves the problem but it would be nice to know at what situations plugin falls beck to alert when the inFocus display option is set to NOTIFICATION. Also as it is an alert it has "cancel" button and it is triggering redirect to deep link.... it would have more sense to have ok/read now and cancel buttons to have possibility to just discard the alert without breaking user flow. We have a chat app with notifications and user is redirected to the proper conversation each time he clicks on notification. But when it is an alert it breaks the flow - when chatting with one person and receive alert from another one clicking cancel redirects to that another user conversation.

I second this.

Without headings it looked a bit ugly in Android compared with other notifications.

Here's better with headings...

I'm sorry if I resurrecting old post, but I made this plugin that extends original OneSignalAPI to include headings.

Maybe more feature will be developed later on.


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