WebBlock record ID different than Detail screen Record ID


I have a WebBlock with 3 Radio Buttons.

The goal is to:

Have the Radio button group represent the value in a record. (this part works)

Have the background color of the individual Radio button change according to the button selected.

The background color is being directed by an IF statement according to record value associated with the record ID obtained from the WebBlock Preparation.

The background color is changing, but not according to the record in the Detail Screen that the WebBlock is in.

The Preparation for both the Detail screen and the WebBlock are the same. However, the record ID being returned from the WebBlock Preparation is different than the record ID being returned from the Detail screen Preparation.

Why are the WebBlock Preparations returning the wrong record ID?

Attached is a version of my project.

Hope this makes sense.




Hi Glenn, 

I've given your web block a Button input, that's gonna be controlled in its preparation. It work's for your project :) Also, the color in the if, now works by this input variable. 

Solution attached


ps - I havent addapted the OnChange, you now need to assign the new value to Button variable.


Hello Jose,

Thank you very, very much. That was extremely helpful.

I was so focused on the inside of the WebBlock to find a solution. Didn't even think to look to it's outside.