[DataTable] Error in a empty table

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Published on 6 Mar by Palash Debnath
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Published on 6 Mar by Palash Debnath


I am getting the following error in an empty table...

any suggestion ?

Hello Alberto,

Can you show the complete error message?

Hello Filipe. The error message is complete. You can open the atached image in the initial post.

Did you do any change in web block? CSS, javascript, etc. ?

In my application when the table is empty do not give an error


Can you attach .oml?

Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your valuable findings. There was an issue to handle empty table records. I have published a new version with appropriate fix.

Could you please check the latest version and let me know?

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Palash. I will check and I will give feedback

Palash. I tried the new version and the problem is solved.