Mapping uploaded excel sheet to extract data from certain columns

Hello everybody,

I know that we can use the Upload widget to get excel file content copied in existing entity where excel columns headers match attribute names 100%.

My question is "Is it possible to Upload excel sheets with more columns and make it possible for user to map manually the most important fields to OS entity ? "

I hope that idea is clear to some extent.

Hi Sayd,

The short answer is "no". The ExcelToRecordList has limited functionality, though I can't recall if you could also skip columns by not providing them in your structure (you can easily try). If you want more functionality, check the Excel components in the Forge.

No, ExcelToRecordList does not use attribute name mapping from Excel header to structure's attribute.

It uses position to map between Excel header rows to structure's attribute.

I can use this generic structure (all data type: text) for any ExcelToRecordList operation.

Then I can convert to other data type when needed.

Didn't know that, thanks for the information!