[Guide] Consume REST API with Form URL Encoded Request

Inspired by the guide by Francisco Freire :

I want to share how to consume REST API with Form URL Encoded Request.

First off, you need a POST http method and set Request Format to Form URL Encoded.

Then, use this in Request Body:

You don't need to set Content-Type, it has been handled by Outsystems.

Hope it helps.

This is great Harlin. Thanks :)


greetings. I am also integrating with a urlencoded api. my question is when outsystems create the input parameters that you added in the Request box, what should be the value in the Advanced.SendIn portion of that input parameter? Body or URL? 



Harlin Setiadarma wrote:



Thank you Harlin.  


in my client secret, it contains =.

Client Secret  = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=

client secret is ending with =, so if I use this format. Its not working


This showing invalid Client Secret. Kindly help me in this.

Hi all

How to pass grant_type={grant_type}&....... using input parameter into request body. Am consuming one of token api and set Request Format to Form URL Encoded with POST http method. When i finish consuming api am getting number of input parameters and am passing value into all input parameters which is pass while test and into postman as well.

When i test api into outsystems and with postman it works and give me proper response but when call it into my action it gives me error 400 Bad reuest.

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