I'm building an app that requires Active Directory integration, i have seen acouple of questions about that and some answers with links that explain how to configure the Outsystem platform to allow AD authentication.

However, the configuration for AD integration does not seem to be project or environment based, which make me raise further questions.

  1. Are those changes limited to a single environment? Or the changes i make on the Dev environment will also affect QA and Production.

  2. Are those configurations project based? Or by enabling AD integration in one application i would be enabling it for all the outsystems apps on the server.

  3. How does one control access and roles when using AD integration? For example in my case i do not wish that all users in active directory have access to the application; and between those that will have access, they should have diferent roles based on criterias which are not AD related.

  4. Is it possible to combine AD autehtication with the standard outsystems authentication? For example have both AD users and also external users on the same app.

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and also apologies in advance in case these questions should be posted separetly.