I have been using BDD Framework for my test cases and I am looking for a way on how to iterate a scenario multiple times based upon the number of test cases present. I have tried it by keeping the BDD scenario in the table records but when published its not visible. Please help me out with different methods to do this. Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to say that I talked to Manisha through private message over this question and what she describes should be possible to do, as you can perfectly create a Table Records with a BDDScenario inside and feed it with records from an entity that makes sense for that particular scenario.

I've attached a small example of how what you describe can be done. It is a a simple test for adding 2 numbers and validating the result. There are 3 tests as records in a static entity and we run the same BDDScenario for each one (one of them fails on purpose so that you can see that it works both for successful and failing scenarios).