[Secure Device Plugin] Root check not working - Android 5.1.1

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Published on 2018-05-25 by André Vieira
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Published on 2018-05-25 by André Vieira


We are using this plugin as described in the instructions, but it seems like the root check is not working. We tested in a Samsung J3 2016 device, running Android version 5.1.1. The lock screen check works as expected, but the root check doesn't. Our app just starts normally in the rooted device.

Hi Aurelio,

Unfortunately validating that a device is rooted is an ever-changing game. Due to the lack of proper APIs provided by the OS and constant change in rooting software makes this validation a bit prone to new nuances in how this is validated. It is also very hard to test this because I don't have rooted devices at hand :(

Anyway, could you give me some feedback and context about your particular case, namely how did you root your Samsung J3 device?


The plugin is not working on another rooted device Google Nexus 5x with Android version 6.0.1.


Thanks for that update but as I said in my previous post there isn't much I can try to do without understanding how the device was rooted, and even that might not be enough if there isn't a proper way to validate that the device is actually rooted. Hope you understand.

Can you provide details about how the device was rooted? Which software was used, etc.?

Hello Andre,

Thank you for the quick reply. I rooted the phone using TWRP recovery and SuperSU, as described here: http://www.android.gs/root-samsung-galaxy-j3-2016/

Hi Andre,

I will check with my testing team and get back to you.


Hi Aurelio,

I did an update on the Forge. I wasn't able to test it so if you could download the latest version and give me feedback it would be great.

Hello André,

It's working. The application was successfully blocked and the warning message displayed.

Thank you!

Hi Aurelio,

Glad it work. Thanks for the feedback!