[Wish]_OmlResources.exe integrated in the ServiceStudio

I would like the external application "OmlResources.exe" integrated in the File menu of the ServiceStudio
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Thanks for the feedback. This makes a lot of sense and will be integrated in Service Studio.



Check out the Multilingual Resources video on the "What's New in the Agile Platform 5.0" thread. Your wish has been granted!

Hi Rodrigo,


Good work!


So, now we have a new folder for managing the Multilingual resources. What happens when we upgrade an eSpace from previous versions? Do the multilingual resources get transfered to that new folder? Do they disappear from the default Resources folder?


Regarding the omlresources.exe integration: I still wish this could be improved - users may need to import a set of files and directories which usually requires line command scripting. This usually happens while packaging a Javascript library or a big set of icons to our applications. Bringing that functionality to the import resource window would "complete" the feature, in my opinion.


Thank you,


Hello Pedro,


Yes, you got it! All multilingual resources are upgraded and placed under Multilingual Locales, and they disappear from the Resources folder.


Regarding other kinds of resources (like JavaScript libraries), in Service Studio 5.0 you can add them to your eSpace by right-clicking the Resources folder and selecting "Add Resource...". After the resource is there, you can change it or save it to your computer. We're just missing the video about it! :-)