Invalid Tenant Identifier within 1 module

Invalid Tenant Identifier within 1 module


Hi All,

In one of our core modules i have a set of actions that is too slow to run from a screen action. So i created a process to do this. 

I loop through a set of contracts and kick off the launchPROCESNAME for each. 

Trouble is: 

Invalid Tenant Identifier: 13 is not a valid Tenant for this eSpace. Make sure it is active and belongs to the 'COREMODULE' eSpace.

I searched the forum and saw some related posts asking about multi tenancy and users espace. 

My core is not multi tenant and has the users espace set to "Users". Same goes for the EU espace that calls the core function and the page in UX espace that contains the webblock from the EU espace. All not multi tenant and all with the same user provider.

The functionality stack: UX (page) -- EU (webblock) -- CORE function (called from screen action) -- Proces launch... Process resides in the CORE btw

Hope someone can help




Solved it... Our UX turned out to have M ulti-Tenant set to "No" but did have a second, enabled, tenant attached to it in Service Centre. Once disabled it started working...


That's great Alexander, I'm glad you were able to solve it and shared the solution with the community!