[Wish]_Itterating through an XML node list.

[Wish]_Itterating through an XML node list.

Currently the For Each tools supports only itteration through a RecordList.

I would like to itterate through the XmlNodeList with the For Each tool as well.

The XmlNodeList is the output parameter of the Action 'XmlElement_SelectNodes', which can be found in the XML extension.
Eric van Raaij
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The way I solve this is to use the ChildCount and then create a loop with it.
It works but using a for each component for this would be much more handy.
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I also count the nodelist, and created a while-loop (with an IF block and a counter) to iterate over all nodelist items
I´m using the XmlNodeList_Count Action but it always return zero. Can anyone help me?
It works know. My problem was something else.