[Advanced Amazon S3] SaveFile still doesn't return anything
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Forge component by Ricardo Pereira


When using the savefile action it should return the output file that has been saved with its corresponing url uuid esc..
The problem is that the output is always empty even though its saved in Amazon.

Can you please fix the output parameter of SaveFile action so it returns the saved file properties?

Niels F.

For some reason my post has been set as an answer immediately after i created the post.
Don't think this should happen :D  Maybe a bug? (for the record, i didn't do it)

It's my fault, and yes, it is a bug: component owners receive an e-mail when a new discussion has been started, which has two links in it, one "read more" and one, far more prominent, "set as resolved", so I accidentally clicked the second link, of course :(.

However, your second post allowed me to mark that one as solution, and unset it again, so all should be well :). Appologies for the inconvience.

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