Cancel Confirmation Message

Hei everyone,

I want to show confirmation message when you click a cancel button, but i want it to pop out only if you edit or change something
i try to make a variable called "Changed" with default value=False and in the input field on change property i make an assign logic Changed = True whenever it's OnChange but it's not working.




Hello Eric,

How are you "using" this changed variable?

Did you tried to refresh the button (On Change actions will be called with Ajax Submit)?

In the confirmation  message you put something like:

if(Changed=True, "Your Message Here", "")

The refresh will than set or remove the message. With the message the confirmation popup will open, otherwise it will not.



Hi Eric,

Buttons and Links are created in the HTML page right after the Preperation has run, including any confirmation message. This means that if, right after the Preperation, your "Changed" Variable is True, the message will always be shown, and when it's False, never. To solution to get the behaviour you want, like Eduardo said, is to Ajax Refresh the Button or Link when the Changed Variable changes. So if you have e.g. an OnChange Screen Action in which you set the Changed Variable, you need to add an Ajax Refresh of the Button.

Onchange event after assigning the value add ajax refresh of that Cancel button. If it is not working just share your screen

That's what I already said Ajith ;).

Thanks everyone :)