[OnTrack] OnTrack: who is using it in a project

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Published on 2017-05-08 by Labs
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Published on 2017-05-08 by Labs


I am considering using OnTrack in my project to support the development process and I am wondering if anybody is using it too and what their experience is.

It seems a nice app but maybe unfinished? For example you can define a milestone in a Project but that does not seem to do anything at all?

What alternatives do you reccomend (besides Jira)?

Thanks for your feedback! 

We are investigating it to use it as an internal tool, to both gather usage insight and also use it for our internal projects. But our experience is that clients use their own tools like indeed Jira, Trello, etc.

OutSystems (and therefore OnTrack, Feedbacktool, etc.) also integrates with all those thirdparty tools as well, so a combination of strengths is probably the best usecase.

Let's keep eachother informed about bestpractices!

Thanks for the message, let's indeed keep sharing the experience with OnTrack here. Hopefully others will do too!


We are exploring OnTrack for some projects. Our Key Users/Product Owner like these review-related features: 

  • They can click the new/modified screen (only if the developers input the link to the screen, actually)
  • When they reject the result, it is directly went back to open backlog list
  • Email notification when there is a new item they should review
  • There is a summary to enable you compare the budget time vs current condition (only if actual consumed times is input religiously)

We use Trello also. The Kanban-like lists are similar. But with Trello you have to move the item manually to the backlog, and you don't have tha dashboard/summary unless you install other power-up.