[Datedropper] Unable to Get the value of bound variable of DateDropper plugin

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Published on 2017-03-14 by Jogait
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Published on 2017-03-14 by Jogait

Hi Guys, 

How does date dropper saves the value to the bound variable? It seems that after selecting a value ex. month from date dropper the bound variable has no value. I tried to display the value using a message but it's empty.


Hello Rian,

On the Datedropper widget you need to write the format that will be saved on your input.

If you want to save the Month name you need to write "F" on format, as you can see on the image bellow.

You can open the following link, where I save full date and the month Name. You receive a message with the input values.
Test Here

Thanks Efreitas, I managed to use javascript to get the value of the widget using the widget id. Since the bound variable is not automatically populated

Hello Rian,

I think the variable is automatically populated. The error I got the first time I used this, was because I tried to save a date (that was expecting to receive a date with the format "yyyy-mm-dd") but received a date with the format "mm-dd-yyyy" (that is the default value of the date dropper).